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Historical, modern and future - connectivity defines them all

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Today’s society is dependent on connectivity. We all demand uninterrupted, reliable network connections. TPS helps businesses achieve secure coverage and performance at all times by delivering complete cellular design and installation solutions.

We are committed to connecting people and businesses together. Our highly trained team understand that it is mission critical for all sized businesses and are experienced in delivering safe, trusted and rapid networks.

With our landscape ever evolving, TPS ensures it keeps up to date with the latest technologies. From IoT developments to the 4G, 5G and 6G rollouts, we can support any sized organisation to help achieve resilient connectivity.


Our technical understanding of a broad selection of business needs, allows us to provide comprehensive electrical connectivity solutions for an array of commercial and industrial properties. From initial consultation and design, through to installation and testing, TPS has the experience to accommodate all electrical requirements for your network infrastructure needs.

We are renowned for our expertise and reliability, successfully growing a solid reputation based on a plethora of successful projects and years of safe, reliable working practices. All works are carried out by our in-house team of highly trained engineers, ensuring that each stage of the delivery is carried out to time and specification.

Customer Journey



We combine years of hands on experience and industry knowledge to provide a comprehensive consultation service. We ensure that all solutions are designed and installed to be 100% fit for purpose not just for now but the future also. Our team of project specialists are on hand to help guide businesses through each step of the project.



Understanding the complexity of infrastructure projects allows us to support the entire process from initial concept and detailed design stages through to delivery. We support the most comprehensive networks, creating robust and scalable design solutions that adhere to stringent compliance regulations to meet the needs of today and the future.



Our team of nationwide engineers work closely with our projects team to ensure the smooth delivery of all our infrastructure solutions. We pride ourselves on our broad spectrum of engineering skills and experience. We specialise in the end-to-end delivery of infrastructure services for a diverse range of environments and business types and sizes.



We are available to support you 24/7 , 365 days a year. With highly skilled engineers located across the country, we provide the right level of technical assurance and incident management to safeguard any size business. From planned maintenance programmes through to periodic testing and network emergency repair, we have the team and skills to help.

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The value of connectivity is immeasurable and we are committed to connecting people and businesses together.

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