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We are a people first business; loyal, customer focused, dependable and proficient

The TPS Family

We are a family. We love what we do and have unwavering determination to always deliver the best of us. A little nerdy, passionate and playful, our team is made up of incredibly talented individuals.


I’m the main strategic planner for the business and oversee sales and operations. Establishing TPS with my amazing team has been one of my greatest professional achievements (My biggest achievement is of course being a father to my four fabulous children).

Andrew Hanlon

Managing Director

I’m a bit of an all rounder. Commercially focused I oversee and am heavily involved in developing new and existing business. I also manage bid preparation and design. Kept busy at work and home with two under two boys, I yearn for the days where I could nip off to Amsterdam for a last minute break. For now though, I just immerse myself in tech house music.

Jake McCarthy

Commercial Director

Focused on enhancing business culture and streamlining our processes to become more efficient, I am here to make a positive difference. Away from the hustle and bustle at work, I love nothing more than exploring the countryside and beaches with my gorgeous bulldog, Bentley.

Nerys Stead


I’m a project manager and mainly look after our retail and cabling infrastructure projects. I thrive on organised chaos and have years of experience of successful delivery. Having six children has helped me become the master of many…. many things, not least multi-tasking and organisation.

James Bentall

Programme Manager

I’m the ‘go live’ guy. Essentially responsible for managing wireless projects and ensuring the seamless transition from old to new. I’m pretty straightforward, I like football, golf, cricket, a good sunny holiday and a carbonara!

Sam Clarke

Technical Project Engineer

I manage our engineer’s weekly schedules, order materials, ensure the smooth execution of work and perhaps most importantly, make sure our engineers are happy. My handsome Henry is the light of my life, he makes me the happiest – nothing beats #cockapoolove

Leanne Jones

Project Manager

I look after enquires both in design and estimating. I carry my precise and methodical approach across all areas of my life, which can make me seem like a man of few words – but take it from me, and my daughter, I’m really very chatty.

Kyle Deakin

Design Manager

I’m a no-nonsense ‘doer’ and work to support the team by preparing reports and quotations for jobs and projects. A bit of a footy fanatic, I also like to keep fit myself but do indulge in a pizza or curry perhaps too often!

Sam Cusick

Project Co-Ordinator

From AP plotting to scheduling, I provide essential support and organistion for the business and our engineers. An eclectic, I love cooking, football, Greece, Wolf of Wallstreet and Plain White T’s (the band, not actually plain white tees!)

Mason Stewart

Business Support

Responsible for managing the accounts, I spend my days invoicing, billing, reconciling and raising PO’s and tracking quotes. I am the numbers man. Those that know me will know I like board games (I’m a strategic thinker too!) what they might not know is that I also love to cook!

Joe Gazeley

Finance Administrator

I’m a data and fibre engineer and work mainly with Cat6 and Cat6a cables. I make sure they are installed and routed properly. I also deal with cable pathways, outlets, and panels. I’m a father to two beautiful daughters, have two golden retreiever and a dachaund and hold a Guinness World Record for eating 18 jaffa cakes in a minute.

Lewis Russell

Data Engineer

As a wireless network engineer, I oversee the entire process of planning, deploying, and improving wireless networks. I conduct Wi-Fi design surveys to ensure optimal installation and Wi-Fi exit surveys to evaluate performance. I’m passionate about football, watching it and playing it, it’s one of the great loves in my life alongside my fiercely loyal dogs, Fergie and Coco.

Jordan McNuff

Wireless Data Engineer

Focused on the electrical side, I handle everything from installation surveys to exit audits, I make sure our clients, engineers, and operations team are all well co-ordinated and satisfied with the outcomes. My lovely daughter, Emelia, is my pride and joy. We’re sun seekers and love our little trips to Tenerife together. For a bit of ‘me’ time I like to play football and the guitar – I’ll let you be the judge of which I’m better at!

Tom Styles

Project Manager/Electrical

My role is varied; from conducting surveys to managing projects and customer relationships. I consider myself to be sporty and in my spare time you’ll find me playing football or in the gym. I love to travel, I’d say Ibiza and Dubai are my favourite destinations so far. If you see me in a pub I dare you to challenge me to drink a pint of Guinness in under three seconds.

Conor Hart

Project Manager

As a data and fibre engineer, I work on various tasks, from repairing cables to replacing cabs in pubs. I’m a cool, sporty guy from Stockport with three dogs, Lola, Kira, and Lilly, and three cats, Oliver, Holly, and Daphne. I like going to Greece for holidays and always appreciate a good gyros.

Logan Jeffs


John Smedley

Data Engineer

Covering a broad spectrum of activities as a data engineer, I focus mainly on installation, go lives and lights on. I’m an adventurer and love the great outdoors. Exploring with my children and the dog is one of my favourite past times. My top travelling experience to date is Kenya – it was amazing.

Tony Heaton



Our business is represented through our team. We are technical, inquisitive, witty and approachable. We are family. Join us.