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Fibre Optic

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High Speed Connectivity

Fibre optic installation forms the foundation of our communications networks. Thousands of miles of installed fibre optic cables carry information on a daily basis that is used in a multitude of applications.

They form the backbone infrastructure for our area networks; both on a wider area network (WAN), a metropolitan area network (MAN) or local area network (LAN) basis. In more recent years the trend towards ‘fibre to the’ or FTTX applications has seen these cables extending their reach into homes, buildings and business premises across all industries and sectors.

Whether single-mode fibre for high-speed connectivity over longer distances or multi-mode fibre for increased bandwidth, TPS offer the fibre optic installations that guarantee optimum reliability and help drive performance.

What is Fibre
Optic Technology?

Fibre optic cables are long, thin strands of drawn glass (approximately the diameter of a human hair) that carry light signals in modes. This is the path that the light beam follows when travelling down the fibre. The simplest structure, single mode fibre contains a very thin core, which all signals travel down. It is typically used for CC ITV, internet and telephone applications where the signals are carried over long distances and at high speeds by single mode fibres wrapped into a bundle.

Multimode fibre is much larger (roughly 10 times larger than a single mode cable) and carries the light signal on a variety of different, or multiple, paths/nodes. This type of cable can only send data over short distances so is more suitable for interconnecting computer networks. There are four types of multimode fibre optic cables; OM1, OM2, OM3 and OM4 which all have a minimum Modal Bandwidth requirement.

Benefits Of installing Fibre Optic?

The need to stay connected has increased demand for higher internet speeds that offer both quality and consistency.


Higher speeds

Capable of speeds up to 10Gbps or 40G to 100G data transfer rates


Improved security and reliability

Due to its physical properties


Higher bandwidth capabilities

Ideal for larger applications that require large amounts of data to be transferred quickly over long distances without signal loss or interference


Greater resistance to signal loss or interference

Less susceptible to signal loss or interference from outside sources such as electromagnetic fields


Greater protection from environmental hazards

Fibre optic cabling relies on light pulses and not an electrical current therefore they won’t short circuit if exposed to water damage, moisture or heat


Longer lasting

Fibre optic cables are longer-lasting and more robust than their copper wire counterparts


Supports next-generation applications

Capable of supporting next-generation applications such as cloud computing and virtualisation


Suitable for multiple sectors and industries

Including corporate workspaces, retail, education, hospitality, data centres, distribution and logistics

How Can TPS Support
My Fibre Optic Installation?

TPS specialise in the delivery of end-to-end fibre optic solutions, from full network design and installation through to completion testing, certification and fibre maintenance. Our highly-skilled team are experienced across multiple industries and sectors earning themselves an enviable reputation in all aspects of fibre optic connectivity.

Relevant standards

All fibre optic installations are carried out in accordance with BS EN 60793-2-50 (equivalent to IEC 60793-2-50) for single mode.

All multimode fibre optic installations are carried out in accordance with BS EN 60793-2-10 (equivalent to IEC 60793-2-10) and IEC 61280-4-1, Fibre-Optic Communications Subsystem Test Procedures – Part 4-1: Installed Cable Plant.


TPS are a member of Fibreoptic Industry Association (FIA). The FIA were established to promote high standards of service within the fibre optic industry.

All our engineers hold either City & Guild or CNet relevant qualifications


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