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Wireless design
& Installation

Reliable, high performing wireless connectivity for all environments

Uninterrupted Connectivity

Ensure your business has the connectivity, security and reliability it needs to optimise performance. TPS offer a comprehensive range of wireless design installation services that guarantee 100% coverage for both fixed and roaming users.

We understand the critical factors that can affect an organisation’s wireless network and are adept at meeting the demands of even the most challenging environments. Whether these are architectural, posed by certain buildings or demand driven, caused by capacity surges on the network, we will find the right solution to meet your needs.

What is
Wireless Design?

A good wireless design serves as the blueprint for your business’s wireless network, drastically improving overall Wi-Fi performance. It identifies the connectivity needs throughout your organisation and translates this into a reliable and high-performing wireless network – one that is capable of supporting all of the devices and applications that will be linked to it.

A vital component of today’s business world it keeps us connected, wherever we are, 24/7.

What Are The Key Benefits of Wireless Design?

Wireless connectivity achieves more than just optimised performance


Increased efficiency

Improved data communications lead to a faster transfer of information not just throughout the business but also between partners, stakeholders and customers


Greater access and availability

Capable of speeds up to 10Gbps or 40G to 100G data transfer rates



Capable of speeds up to 10Gbps or 40G to 100G data transfer rates


Reduced capital expenditure

Capable of speeds up to 10Gbps or 40G to 100G data transfer rates

What Wireless Design
and Installation Services
do TPS provide?

TPS provides a fully consultative wireless design and installation service. We carry out comprehensive wireless consultations and network audits to determine whether networks are suitable for business needs and able to support enhanced performance and productivity. To future-proof installations we undertake detailed site surveys, wireless mapping and strategy assistance and network design. Our team is also on hand to provide extensive project management, installation services and ongoing wireless support and maintenance.


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The value of connectivity is immeasurable and we are committed to connecting people and businesses together.

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