Reliable EPOS systems from single to multi-site installations

Streamlining Processes

Manage hundreds of products, drive sales and organise day to day activities with a complete EPOS systems package customised to the unique needs of your organisation.

Whether retail or hospitality setting, EPOS systems will allow you to manage and view your inventory with the benefit of real-time stock control. Sales are more streamlined, new products or lines can easily be added, reporting becomes more accurate and valuable customer data reviewed within a couple of clicks.

Integrate with marketing or payroll automation apps for enhanced capabilities or with CCTV for added security and theft prevention.

What is an
EPOS System?

These versatile till systems combine a mixture of hardware and software with cloud-based information storage facilities. Whilst the basic functions of an EPOS system are to register data, take payments and issue receipts they can also be customised to meet the individual needs of each business; collecting valuable customer information and providing data and statistics on sales, stock and overall
sales performance.

What are the key benefits of installing an EPOS system?

Key benefits include:


Collects and manages business data

Easily manage data and statistics with EPOS systems that continually collects important information as your business grows


Multi-location inventory management

Multi-site and omnichannel selling platforms allow for accurate and easy monitoring of goods across a number of locations - keeping you informed of real-time stock levels and prompting you to re-order when supplies are running low


Omnichannel management

Manage omnichannel trading easily through integration with your chosen ecommerce platform


Improved efficiency

With all activities at the touch of a button, processes are streamlined, freeing up valuable time for you to spend on other tasks

How can TPS support
my EPOS requirements?

TPS has worked with a diverse selection of retail and hospitality businesses, advising on and installing EPOS systems that are both reliable and versatile. An independent installer, we are not tied to any manufacturer therefore will recommend the most appropriate solution to meet your needs and budget. Our proficient team of technical engineers operate throughout the UK so are suitably equipped to handle the challenges of multi-site installations. All installs are backed by comprehensive training to ensure selected personnel are fully versed on how the system operates and the reporting information that can be obtained.


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