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Presenting full visibility and maximum security

Proactive Prevention

TPS design, install and maintain IP CCTV security system solutions that protect homes and businesses.

A leading supplier of IP CCTV systems, the IP cameras that we provide act as a powerful deterrent against criminal activity, providing high quality surveillance and video footage that can be accessed from anywhere. We offer wired and wireless solutions, both of which can be configured to meet your individual or specific industry requirements.

Integrate IP CCTV with additional building and traffic management systems, access control or alarm functions to elevate your premises’ security to the highest level.

What is

Closed-circuit television (CCTV) is a system of cameras, monitors and recorders that allow you to view and monitor events in real-time whilst simultaneously recording the footage. IP cameras capture these images digitally, compressing the files to transmit them over the network. This can be through either a wired network, which connects via ethernet cable to a broadband router or wirelessly through a Wi-Fi router.

Wireless systems expand surveillance parameters, allowing cameras to be placed in a wider variety of locations. Advancements in weather and vandal proof technology have also ensured these systems perform equally well outdoors, allowing for increased security both in and around the premises. Footage is accessible through a variety of platforms including desktop, tablet or mobile. Where multiple premises are being monitored, these can be viewed collectively through one single portal that allows for easy observation.

What are the key benefits of installing an IP CCTV security system?

Some of the benefits of installing professional IP CCTV solutions are:


24/7 Surveillance

IP CCTV security systems offers 24/7 surveillance throughout the year


Increased security

A visible camera system can discourage would-be criminals before they act, making it a powerful tool in crime prevention


Video Evidence

Systems record incidents in real-time, clearly defining exactly what happened and when. In the event of a crime occurring it can provide much-needed evidence, removing the need for any speculation


Facial Recognition

Smarter, next generation cameras are capable of recognising familiar faces ….. together with those that aren’t

How can TPS support my
IP CCTV requirements?

Our highly trained team of engineers have worked on numerous installations from small office units to large retail premises, educational facilities and healthcare settings. This level of experience ensures that regardless of the size and scope of the project, we are able to advise on the most effective design for your security needs. We pride ourselves on the quality of our IP CCTV security system installations and will ensure that once completed, you have all the technical skills required to operate your system to it’s full potential.


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