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Smart hands services for onsite support and troubleshooting whenever you need it

24/7 Operational Support

Our comprehensive smart hands services offers flexible, reliable, around the clock operational support.

Our smart hands services may be either on the premises, when required, or assisting staff remotely with a variety of scheduled and unscheduled activities; ranging from system infrastructure management through to server installations and equipment troubleshooting.

Agreements are customised to suit individual business needs and budget, with all works being undertaken by our team of accredited IT specialists. This provides a level of technical expertise to your organisation that may otherwise be lacking, whilst still allowing you to retain full control.

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Our technical understanding of a broad selection of business needs, allows us to provide comprehensive electrical solutions for an array of commercial and industrial properties. From initial consultation and design, through to installation and testing, TPS has the experience to accommodate all electrical requirements for your network infrastructure needs.

We are renowned for our expertise and reliability, successfully growing a solid reputation based on a plethora of successful projects and years of safe, reliable working practices. All smart hand services are carried out by our in-house team of highly trained engineers, ensuring that each stage of the delivery is carried out to time and specification.

smart hands services

Activities Included
In Our Smart Hands

A smart hands service solution will generally incorporate a range of complex IT tasks that require a high level of technical experience. With the collective, extensive experience of our team, we are able to support a broad range of activities including, router, firewall and complex cable installation and configuration, provisioning and transformation, device management and testing, power cycling, shipping and receiving and equipment relocation.


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